About us

brief company story

H&O Solutions founders began implementing Identity Management solutions since 2005, oriinally with Sun Microsystems Identity Manager (and related products Sun Access Manager and Sun LDAP Server), later Oracle Identity Manager and finally Quest Software/One Identity Manager products, in USA, Mexico & Canada. During this time we provided additional value added features as consulting services: development in Java & .NET to integrate other systems, build tools and functionality to enhance the project needs or missing product features, and customer specific development to execute functional validation of the solution as well as capacity planning. We found ourselves executing these tasks over and over again.

These services became frequent common traits throughout customers, so we focused on validating and planning for capacity of the solution. The need to implement in short time and the change in requirements during development makes this a challenging topic most of the time.

H&O Solutions was founded to consolidate our Identity Management and software integration experience gathered over the years for functional validation and capacity planning of the products being implemented, such as Web Portals and their backend engines.

We are constantly integrating existing tools and technology as services which can be used in a framework, in order to achieve a value-add capability to an Identity Management soution.

We are here to integrate, we are here to offer tools and service, we are here to accelerate tasks within your Identity Management platform.